Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let the Savings Begin!!!

Well, I finally did it. I shopped with great strategy - thanks to everything I have learned in the Faithful & Frugal class that Kara and I are participating in, I have learned how to shop sales and use coupons to save tons! I had to wait a few weeks to be able to stockpile about a month's worth of coupons, but I decided yesterday that I just need to do it. Thanks to The Grocery Game, I was able to know what coupons to use and combine with various sales at the different stores in my area and get great deals! I was not able to take a picture of all the groceries I got at Kroger, but I do know that I spent $110.67 and saved $65.16 - not too shabby for my first attempt! It also included a huge box of diapers and a big thing of detergent (I had some coupons for each item, but they add up pretty quickly). Below are pictures of the rest of the goods I got at the other stores - Publix, CVS, and Walgreens.
This is a picture of everything from Publix, CVS, and Walgreens. I think I am getting the hang of this!
Spent: $9.21
Saved: $6.70
Spent: $9.21
Saved: $6.70
*Also have $1 ECB for next time!
Walgreens Spent: $34.58
Saved: $15.95

*Would have been better, but the Metamucil was $9.99 (and not on sale), and I had a coupon for only $1.00 off.
TOTAL SPENT: $176.51
TOTAL SAVED: $106.77

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  1. omg!!! so awesome!!! You definitely are getting the hang of it! You will be SO GLAD you are stocking up on the diapers now- trust me! Go you! I can't wait till TGG posts the Publix deals for tomorrow! congrats on the savnigs! what did Brad think?