Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's CVS Venture

Well I have to say that I think I did pretty well today at CVS. Before I mention my total spent and saved, I have to point out that I did buy 2 boxes of Brad's contact solution (it is rather pricey - accounted for $30 of my total bill - but it was $2 off this week and resulted in some Extra Care Bucks). Here is the final information from my shopping trip...

Total Spent: $48.50
Total Saved: $36.54
ECB for next time: $9.00
*also got an Aveeno lotion coupon to use


  1. Yippe!
    I find it impossible to shop without coupons now!

  2. why does contact solution have to be so expensive? I totally understand. Do you all have Flex spending with your healthcare? I totally recommend it because you can use your tax free money to buy things like that. Just FYI!