Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today's Shopping: Two Down, Two To Go

I went ahead and did my Publix and Walgreens shopping this evening since today was Publix's end of the sale day. They had some things that we use very frequently on good sale, so I definitely wanted to take advantage! We are going to be busy this weekend with the Childbirth Education Class, so I wanted to knock out some of my shopping. Here is what I did! (sorry, I didn't take pictures - we were in a hurry when I got back and put things up quickly so we could go eat dinner at Moe's)

(3) Neutrogena T-Gel shampoos - had 3 $2 off Walgreens coupons & 3 $2 off manufacturer's coupons, so they originally were $9.49 each - $4 each, so $5.49 each was the end price (Brad has to use this specific kind of shampoo, so I was happy to be able to stock up on that at a more reasonable price)
(2) Brawny 8-packs of paper towels - originally $9.49, on sale for $6.49 each, and I had a coupon for $1.50 off 2 packs, so the end price was $5.74 each
(1) One A Day Men's Health vitamins - originally $9.79, plus a $6 off Walgreens coupon & I had a $1 off coupon, so the final price was $2.79
(2) Dixie paper plates that were BOGO free - so they ended up being $1.90 each

Total Spent: $42.34
Total Saved: $27.79

(5) Smart Ones frozen meals - originally $3.29 each, on sale 5 for $10, ends up $2 each (we take these for lunch a lot of times)
(6) Lender's Wheat Bagels - originally $2.07 each, on sale BOGO free, ends up being $1.04 each (Brad eats a bagel every weekday morning)
(2) Lay's Wavy BBQ chips - originally $3.99 each, on sale BOGO free, ends up $2 each
(2) Huggies bath products - originally $3.29 each, on sale BOGO free & I had a $1.50 off coupon, so they ended up being $0.90 each

Total Spent: $23.60
Total Saved: 16.83

Not too bad of a shopping trip (even though I need to figure out the paper plates situation from Walgreens)! Now, we are set for a while when it comes to shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, paper towels, toilet paper, pita chips, toothpaste, wheat bagels, shredded cheese, and Smart Ones!! I am really looking forward to CVS this week as that is usually where I do my best "work". If that is the case, I didn't do too shabby at the other places today, so the CVS venture should be great! And then I mainly need to get more Diet Green Tea (for Brad, of course) and more milk at Kroger's this week (so I can use competitor's coupons for the tea). Stay tuned for more good deals!


  1. Where do you get your coupons? I am thinking about signing up for the Grocery Game and trying to decide which stores to sign up for. Any suggestions?