Monday, April 20, 2009

38 Weeks & Counting...

Well I headed to the doctor again this morning for my main weekly check-in. My blood pressure measured 128/88 the first time and 124/90 the second time, so it is stable (a good thing)! My doctor commented that she definitely wants to keep an eye out for toxemia, but she really thinks that I am just one of the women whose blood pressure creeps up at the end of pregnancy. She did not do bloodwork this time, which made me happy - I still have marks from both the times last week! She checked my progress and I am 1 - 1.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced. She indicated that since I am full term, once I reach 2 - 2.5 cm, I will likely be induced (unless, of course, I go into labor on my own) because of the high blood pressure. I fully support that idea because I don't want this blood pressure thing to cause any problems with the baby or with me.

When I go in for my next appointment on Thursday, she wanted me to have an ultrasound done so we could check on the fluid levels and size of the baby and all of that. I assume if she sees anything questionable, I will also be induced as a result of that.

So, all in all, we left the appointment feeling rather excited knowing that we would get to meet this sweet baby girl so soon! I just hope my body cooperates and my blood pressure stays stable :) For now I am staying off my feet as much as possible so my feet and ankles swell the least amount possible. That is such a strange feeling that I cannot wait to get rid of!

On Saturday, I went to a friend's baby shower. It is so nice to go through this whole experience with someone who is also a first time mommy-to-be and to be so close in the process. There are only 12 days between mine and Laura's due date, so we are able to ask eachother about what to expect and doctor's appointments and all those fun things. Here is a picture of a whole lotta belly!!


  1. You are so close! Cute pic of you and your friend.

  2. You look so good! Loves it and misses you and sweet Katie!!!

  3. Good luck at your appointment tomorrow! Are your bags packed?