Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Waiting Game

Well, I went to the doctor again this morning and everything is holding steady. My blood pressure was 130/92 (still high, but not going up) and I was still the same amount dilated and effaced. The bloodwork results came back the same as last week too - so, everything is basically staying the same, which is good (though I wouldn't mind being more dilated so I could be induced).

Everything looked great on the ultrasound - Katie was doing a great job "practice breathing" and was perfectly content sleeping in my belly. We had to do some creative shaking to get her to move around! She is also head down which is good - hopefully she is getting ready to make an entrance to this world sooner rather than later! Also, based on all the measurements that they took, she weighs 7 lbs 4 oz...the ultrasound tech said that typically her measurements are slightly high, so there is a better chance she is closer to 7 pounds. We did get some good pictures of the baby - some good profile shots, as well as proof that her feet are pressed on the top of my uterus right under my left ribs now.

My doctor still said she would like to induce me once I am at 2 - 2.5 cm, so I am going to have to have a pep talk with my body over the weekend. If I go in Monday morning for my 39 week appointment and am 2 - 2.5 cm dilated, I would likely be induced Wednesday morning (my doctor is off on Tuesday), which is also good because my doctor is also the on-call doctor Wednesday night. If I go in Monday and my doctor sees something slightly questionable, and I have not made as much progress as she would like, they would likely start me on a slow drip of Pitocin on Tuesday night and then hit it full speed ahead on Wednesday morning.

So....the waiting game continues...guess we will see!!

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  1. AHHH SO CLOSE!!! I can't believe Katie is almost here! I can't wait!