Thursday, April 16, 2009

Appointment Update

Well, my blood pressure is inching higher, so I have to go to the doctor twice a week now so they can keep an eye on things. I typically go on Mondays, but now I am adding Thursdays in the mix. When I went today, my blood pressure ended up being something like 130/92. Monday there was no protein in my urine and today there was a very slight trace of it. My blood work came back the exact same as Monday (literally the exact same readings), so that is a good sign. On Monday, my platelet count was slightly low - if it continues on the lowering trend, it can be a red flag, but since it was the same today, that is a good sign. All in all, I am to continue resting as much as possible, drink lots of water, and not add salt to any food :) My next appointment is Monday morning (I will be 38 weeks). So for now, baby is doing well, and they are just keeping a watchful eye on my blood pressure and any other associated symptoms.

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