Thursday, January 27, 2011


We have a game that we play at our house, usually as a family. It is the "chase game". What is it you ask? Well, it involves one of us chasing the other(s) all over the house, sometimes in circles. It usually ends up with Sadie going crazy because she loves it. Then Katie squeals with delight because she loves it more. And the adult (ahem, or large child) runs around seeing if Katie is chasing him/her or if he/she is supposed to be finding Katie. It usually ends up with lots of "BOOs"! And it is fun - and allows Katie to get some of her toddler energy out!
Well the other day, Katie, Sadie, and I were playing just that game. We were having a blast. Here is the view I had while chasing Katie:
At one point, it got rather quiet. I waited a minute because I thought Katie was quietly sneaking up on me only to yell BOO and laugh uncontrollably after that. After rounding the corner very quietly, this is what I came across (and luckily had a camera).

And then after saying (with a giggle-infused stern Mama Bear voice), "Katie, WHAT are you doing?!"....this was her expression:


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