Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Hearts: Part Two

I wanted to add some more happy hearts! I think we are as decorated for Valentine's Day as we will get this year. And no, this isn't even all about decorated. There are a few other things too! I put out the Valentine's garden flag earlier today. Here it is:
And this is the wreath that has been up since before New Years. I don't have a good winter wreath - I need to look into that. This is the one I made for Katie's first birthday party. I think it works wonderfully for Valentine's too!

And we had some friends over this past weekend, and Melinda made some yummo cookies. And they have the most fab icing ever. Like really. Delicious. And quite cute, I think!

And this really doesn't have to do with hearts or Valentine's (since they could just as easily work for Easter), but I am loving these new mixing bowls I bought. I actually bought them with the hand towels from my previous post. Aren't they just amazing?! And yes, they are dotty - my favorite.

And last but not and Katie! She was being all snuggly before we went upstairs for naptime (for her, not me). So I quickly did a self-portrait! Please excuse my lack of makeup.

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