Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Days

When you wake up to THIS out your front door....
...what exactly do you do to stay sane? Well, here is a bit of a montage of what our week has been so far! We wake up and eat breakfast. And doesn't she do it well? And she looks so good doing it....
We then begin playing. Such a girly girl. Pushing her stroller, carrying her purse, and holding another baby.
We also keep tabs on more snow falling outside.

After that, we make sure to give the bears some love.

Art time! We used the dot paints for the first time in the Elmo coloring book. Definitely a hit.

We then decide it is time to enjoy the snow. We bundle up and march outside. We throw the frisbee and play with Sadie.
We also make play with a spoon in the snow. It is fun to scoop it up and toss it in the air!

Of course, pausing to be cute is a necessity.

The next day, we had a feeling we'd be homebound yet again due to snow. We obviously had to get creative in our activities. We began the day with dress up. A new use for her own pants!

Oh, and she finds Momma's snow clothes - but they look pretty good on her too!!

We read a book with Mommy. (Mommy loves this cuddle time - so special.)

We do sticker art. Katie loves putting stickers on paper. When she's finished, she likes to carry it around so proudly.

On Day 3, we ventured out of the house. Where was our first stop, you ask? Well, Target, of course! And I think lots of moms in the area had the same idea - I'd say 80% of the other people in there were moms with small children! Thank goodness the roads are much better. I'm so glad that the temperatures should finally get above freezing starting tomorrow so we can finally get rid of the snow!

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