Sunday, January 9, 2011

Resolutions: Week One

I don't plan on noting my progress with my resolutions on a weekly basis, but since I typically fail within the first week, I thought I'd list my progress. I will try to check in with myself on a monthly basis from here on out - maybe at the end of each month? I guess we will see when I remember to check in next :) Anyways, here we go on the update!

1) Read 14 books: Still working on my first book of the year. I'm over half way through. I was thinking of making a list of 14 books I'd read this year, but sometimes I find a book that I "must" read now. That would just mess up my list. Oh well.
2) Learn to sew: Nope. Nothing. I have talked about learning - does that count as progress?
3) Cook more frequently (aim for 2-3 times/week): I have cooked once this week...with the crock pot. I kind of made up my own recipe because it was last minute. I think something to go along with this resolution is the need to create a weekly meal plan.
4) Read the Bible everyday and read it all the way through this year: 100% success! I am doing a plan that breaks the Bible down into daily readings. It includes some chapters from Genesis, starts the New Testament, and has Proverbs and Psalms included everyday. Brad's mom let me borrow a book to use, and I signed up for a program through a website our church recommended. That program has an app on my phone, so if I have down time, I can read it on my phone! The book's program and app's program match up very closely, so that will help a lot!
5) Use the treadmill 4 times/week: Success! Wow! I used the treadmill Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. I also went to workout with my neighbor at the clubhouse in our neighborhood. We are aiming to do that 3x/week. I actually stuck with a fitness goal for a week - major success! Hope I can keep this one up!
6) Use coupons when I shop: I went to Publix yesterday and did a HUGE haul...but I did save almost $60 using coupons and shopping sale items. No drug store shopping this past week - I'm hoping to make it this week though!
7) De-clutter & simplify: I think, obviously, this will take some time. We're supposed to get a big snow tonight/tomorrow, so maybe I can take some time and weed through some of my clothes. I really should follow the rule "One in, one out" - for every shirt, pair of pants, etc I buy, I should get rid of one (or more).
8) Find a Sunday school class at church: No progress. We fully intended to go to church today but woke up to no water coming out of the faucets. Our water meter froze, so the water company came and thawed it out and replaced the insulation. We can try for next week (and in the meantime, I think I'll watch today's sermon online)!
9) Buy fresh flowers once/month: Nothing. I thought about it yesterday, but I want to wait til I see something inexpensive and hardy...and happy and fun :)
10) Have a date night with Brad once/month: Success! We went to a movie, dinner, and Academy Sports and Target last Sunday!! And actually, we did a double date last night with our neighbors - dinner and a movie. Go us!
11) Send 2 hand-written notes/month: Half way there. I sent a funny card to one of my best friends. Progress.
12) Have another baby: This doesn't happen overnight! Still on that mission though...

All in all, I'd say I'm doing well! I like keeping up with it on here - I think it helps hold me accountable. I also want to add another resolution, I think. Here it is:

13) Take care of myself: I got my hair done this past week - highlights, cut, condition treatment (I used a Groupon). I am on a mission to "step it up"...wear real clothes (no workout clothes, or at least not everyday), fix my hair, wear makeup...TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!! I do feel better when I do these things...I just need to do it more often! It's so much easier to just throw on workout pants, a tshirt, and a fleece and continue about my day.

How are YOU doing on your resolutions??

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  1. You inspire me Ashley! You go girl!! I need to write some down and get going too!