Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Start of a New Year

As I mentioned in my earlier post, we spent New Years Eve with our neighbors. How perfect - we just had to walk two doors down, Katie could sleep in her pack and play, AND we got to know our neighbors a lot better. It was a blast. We ate some delicious food, played games that were from the show, A Minute to Win It, (which by the way, I can balance 12 pencils on the top of my hand, toss them up, and catch them all - you should be impressed), sang karaoke, and celebrated the start of a new year! In "Ashley Fashion", I took pics to share with you! Here we go:

First word that comes to mind is "WHOA", right?? Yes, that is the CoCo Lounge - he used to be a DJ and has over 25,000 CDs and 5,000 DVDs. And he put the lighting in, disco ball and all, for the whole karaoke experience. All in all, I sang (and please don't judge): "Mmmbop", "Dancing Queen", "Baby Got Back", & a duet with Brad - "You're the One That I Love" (from Grease) ... it was so much fun!

The annual New Years picture - pretty cute!

HAPPY 2011!!!

We were all decked out - glasses, tiaras, tophats, necklaces, confetti, noisemakers...awesome!

Our next door neighbors!

I was worried how Katie would do with falling asleep and staying asleep there - plus me waking her up and carrying her home to go back to bed in her crib. She did great! She and our neighbors' daughter (who is 13 months) had a slumber party, actually!

New Years Day - eating my black eyed peas! My Meme makes black eyed peas and her relish every year - I love that tradition!

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