Saturday, November 3, 2012

Family Vacation: Greensboro Edition

Now it is time for part two of our vacation!  We ended up being gone from September 29-October 10...a really long time with small children!  It was definitely worth it though.  And boy am I glad we had the minivan for this adventure.  I ended up sitting in the backseat the majority of the drives so I could pump and then feed Jack a bottle (to minimize stops).  This also meant I got to watch movies with Katie!  Actually, on our drive to Kiawah, we only stopped TWO TIMES on a 10 hour drive!  Pretty impressive, no?  We also stopped twice on the drive from Kiawah to Greensboro, and then we stopped twice between Charlotte and Nashville (I think)!

Here are the kiddos in the car en route to Greensboro!
We went to see our friends there...they hadn't met Jack yet, so that was fun!  We hadn't seen them since June 2011...that's a long time!  And their boys sure have grown up too!  Here are Jadon and Jack together!
The next day, it was cooling off, but we decided we wanted to go on a walk.  Katie loved walking through the woods and looking for squirrels!
 And then she decided Daddy's shoulders were more fun!
That night, Katie strummed on the guitar some and loved it!
That Monday, Brad had to be in Charlotte for work and everybody was at school/work, so we headed to the Children's Museum!  Katie absolutely loved it...I wish we had something like this close to us! 
 I love this picture of her sitting at the desk - she pretended to type and talk on the phone and had a blast!
 Happy on the slide - it was the perfect adventure for the three of us!  She actually took a nap the afternoon after we went here...crazy!
And here are Zach and Katie...she had the BEST time playing chase and ball and games with the "big boys!"  It was so nice to just let her be with them and play and all that.  She missed doing that once we came home!
Brad was still in Charlotte on the Tuesday, so I took Katie (and Jack) to Monkey Joe's!  She had an absolute blast - and we actually had the place to ourselves! 
 Here's Mr. Cutiepie stretching when we got home. (When I look at these pictures now, it is amazing how much he has changed in just a  matter of weeks!)
 And here they are ready for the drive home!  Brad was still in Charlotte, so I finished loading the car back up and drive down to Charlotte to pick Brad up.  The kids were great during that short drive and then the rest of the way home!
 I took this right before we it!
 And here they are in the car ready to rumble! 
We can't wait for another trip - it was so much fun! And having the van made it so much more comfortable and easy to pack. I sure am glad Jack is a good traveler just like sister!


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