Monday, November 5, 2012

Peppa + George

This post is a long time coming for since the middle of July.  Oops!  But I wanted to show off these AWESOME gifts the kids got!  A friend of mine is pretty magic when it comes to crocheting - she made these cuties just for Katie and Jack!  I thought it was fitting since Katie is slightly obsessed with Peppa Pig (and Peppa's little brother, George).  I have to is a pretty cute show.  And it clearly has influenced Katie.  More on that in a minute.  

My friend has a Facebook store called The Knotty Nanny - please jump over there and "like" her store...and browse through the adorable things she has made!  I think these are the cutest things!  And amazingly enough, Katie hasn't tried to take ownership of George just yet...he is sitting in Jack's room!
Here is Katie after opening the box of goodies.  She loves them!
And this is not very related to the awesome gift...but Katie thought the box was just right to sit on and use as a car (and a plate as a steering wheel)!  Sadie clearly was not very impressed.
In the event you aren't familiar with Peppa Pig, it is an English cartoon.  This means that they have different terminology for some common things.  Well, since Katie has been watching it, I have noticed some of her vocabulary changing!  I'll text Brad with, "Peppa strikes again!" are a few things that Katie has said.....

~when Katie wanted to go out back and play, she asked to play in the garden rather than the yard/out back/ outside
~Katie once told me that she needed a phone because she needed to ring someone
~she turned the lights off as part of something she was playing and said that there had been a "power cut" rather than saying the power had gone out

I'm also preparing because I fully expect her to suggest that she wants either a Peppa or Strawberry Shortcake party for her 4th birthday.  We shall see!  For now, she is loving playing with Peppa thanks to our friend's amazing talent! Don't forget to go check her store out!


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