Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Star

This past week at her school, Katie's class (along with several other classes) performed in a Thanksgiving program.  I can't believe she is old enough to have a program at school!  They sent a CD of the songs home a couple weeks ago so the kids could practice.  Needless to say, I knew all the words too!  I was curious as to whether Katie would be timid or take front and center.  Well, I'd say she was right in the middle!  She sang but didn't do any of the hand motions...she said she was more excited about seeing Grandma and Cee Cee (our moms)!  Here are some of the pictures from the program....

Katie's class walking onto stage!  It was so cute - all the kids were looking for mommy and daddy in the audience!
Katie kept doing the "stir" motion (part of one of the songs) when they first got to their spots...but during the actual song, she only sang the words!
I think she was watching her teacher talk to them.  On the front of them, they had what they said they were thankful for (most kids said their family or mommy or daddy - Katie? Apples.)
And I definitely appreciated this...before the program even started, they had a couple of minutes for parents to take pictures of their child up front!  
After the carrots and peas song, they talked about how the kids really wanted to eat their favorite things instead of healthy food at the kids turned around and on their backs they had their favorite food written!  So cute!  What was Katie's you ask?  Candy corn.  I felt sure it would be mac & cheese or something.  
During one of the songs.  Katie was really supposed to be a step up, but she wanted to stand with her best buds at school.  So cute!
And then they were finished!  The program lasted about 15 minutes which was perfect for their attention span!
We went back to her classroom to give her a hug and tell her good job.  I also wanted to get a cute picture of her with two of her best friends.  Love this!
And of course they had to have a silly one!
I loved seeing Katie on stage...and I think she liked it too!  The next day she woke up and asked if she would get to sing for us again! Ha!


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