Friday, November 23, 2012

Let The Countdown Begin...

The countdown is on.  To what, you ask?  Well, the big three - oh!  AH! My birthday was last weekend, and it was a blast!  We had some fun family time, fun friend time, and a date night!  I'll take that for sure!

Friday night we went to a party to celebrate the upcoming wedding of two of our was a blast!  There was a band, delicious drinks, and it was catered by the Biscuit Love Truck (a food truck - and it was amazing)!  Hooray for a good picture of me and Brad!
 And here's me with Cat!  After we left the party, we stopped at a bar near our house and had a birthday drink at midnight to ring in my birthday with Cat and Tyler - so fun!
 Saturday morning we woke up and headed to brunch at favorite!  Here is me with my sweet babies before we headed out!
 Afterwards, we came home and walked in the neighborhood to the big playground they just built at the was such a pretty day and I'm so glad we got outside to enjoy it!  Jack loved swinging...I think he was checking out his shadow here...
 And Katie was so excited to see such a fun playground so close to our house!
 After relaxing for a bit, Brad and I headed out to dinner to celebrate together (thanks Grandma! ... she watched the kids TWO nights in a row!!)...we went to a restaurant called SOUTH.  It was really good!  I'm glad we went fairly early so that we could enjoy it and not be surrounded by a bunch of post-game college folks!  The UT-Vandy game was going on, so the crowd was much smaller than normal (because all the folks were at the game)...I can imagine it got much livelier later on that night since Vandy won!
 Love this picture of us!
 I wanted to show off that I got some cheapy cowboy boots at Target!  I wanted to see if I would really wear them and enjoy them before spending more money on a pair.  I have to say...I loved them!
 Sunday night we headed to my mom's house for a family shindig.  We picked up BBQ for everybody and just had a relaxing evening of visiting and eating!  Here is my very delicious cake!
 And a fantastic family picture :)
 Cute picture of Katie!
 And Katie wanted to help me open my presents...she loves it as much as I do!
So...the countdown is on until next year.  I told Brad I wanted a big surprise party - he reminded me it cannot be a surprise if I ask for it :) HA! So, here's to the last year in my twenties!


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  1. Sounds like you had a great birthday!! My husband turns 30 next year as well and I am trying to think of something amazing for him!