Friday, November 16, 2012

Jack: Five Months

Boy has it been an interesting month in this department!  One night when Brad was out of town, I decided to bite the bullet and let Jack sleep in his crib.  That first night, he slept all night...about 11 hours!  I was so proud and felt confident he would continue the trend.  Ha.  He had other plans.  All of a sudden, he started waking up at around 4am!! Unacceptable.  I knew he could make it all night.  And I didn't want him to get used to eating at that time.  So I tried waking him at like 10 or 10:30 for an additional feeding.  He would still wake up at 4.  I thought he might want his hands free (we still swaddle him)...that night was torture.  He kept knocking the pacifier out and would startle from time to time and scare himself!  So, back to the swaddle we went.  And of course all of this waking up business was at its peak when Brad was out of town from early Monday morning until Friday evening.  I wasn't sure I was going to survive...but I did!  And then we thought we would try putting breastmilk in a bottle and feeding that to him at the last feeding so we make sure he is getting enough to eat before bedtime (if I feed him myself, he falls right asleep and doesn't get a good, full feeding in).  I think that was the trick (and of course I pump before I go to bed to keep the supply up).  So now, he gets that bottle at around 8:30 and sleeps until about 7:30!  He does sometimes wake a time or two if the pacifier has fallen out of his mouth, but I can handle walking in there and putting it back (he didn't wake up at all last night!)!  I am SO glad we figured out something that works.  That waking up with him  screaming in the middle of the night was enough to wear me out!  And we have mastered naptime too - at least, I think!  He wakes up at 7:30 to eat, and then I lay him down for a nap after his second feeding (around 10:30).  He will sleep at least a good two hours then.  Then he eats again at around 1:30 and typically goes down for a nap around 3 or 3:30 and will sleep until his next feeding.  Of course there are cat naps in the car here and there.  And if I am out running errands, it kind of messes with his schedule.  But at least I know he can be on a nap schedule if I need him to be!
A big month in this department too!  He is only eating 5 times a day - the schedule is roughly this: 7:30, 10:30, 1:30, 4:30, 8:30 (bottle) with cereal at around 6 or 6:30.  Of course that varies depending on when he wakes up in the morning (this past Sunday he slept until 9am!).  Obviously he tends to go about 3 hours between feedings, but he sometimes will go 4 hours.  I am also proud to say we have made it a full 5 months with solely breastmilk!  He has also gotten more curious about what is going on around him, so he is quite a distracted eater.  That doesn't mix well with a very busy 3 year old!  When I fix a bottle, I am now fixing about 6 ounces (though he has taken a bottle of 6.5 ounces and last night he took down about 7 ounces)!  I do plan on introducing formula soon...I want to make sure he tolerates it well so that I can transition him to formula when I am ready.  And we will be adding a cereal feeding in the morning before too long.  I'm so glad he is doing well with the cereal!
We don't have an official reading here!  But based on our bathroom scales, he weighs about 16 pounds!!! Granted - he had a onesie and pants on and it had been about 2 hours since he had gotten a fresh diaper.  But still!  He is a growing boy for sure!
Not sure!  But he is clearly growing like a weed!
Size Clothes
He is in 6 month clothes right now.  Some of his footed jammies seem like they are getting tight, so we may be transitioning to some 9 month jammies soon!
Size Diapers
We have been putting size 2 Huggies on him, but I think he is ready for size 3 in those.  Size 2 Pampers still work well, but I think size 3 of those is in our near future!
Hair color
It is growing ever so slowly.  What hair is there actually had a little shine to it a couple days ago!
Eye color
Still those amazing baby blues!
Looking Like
Definitely a Daddy's boy...and even more definitely a boy version of big sister!  I am going to do a post comparing them at different ages soon!
I can't think of any new ones this month.  But we are trying to do a better job of calling him "Jack" instead of "Baby Jack" - poor guy is going to only respond to Baby Jack if we aren't careful!
Favorite toy
Honestly?  He loves his feet these days!  And they're free!  And always available!  He also has a blast in the Exersaucer.  We have already had to move it to the second level!  And he has figured out how to jump in it and thinks that is the best thing ever.  He still loves the monkey guy hanging from his carseat bar.  And anything that squeaks like a dog toy!
He had cereal for the first time and has finally figured it out!  In fact, tonight I did 1.5 scoops (instead of just 1) and he polished it off.  With Katie, the highchair was a place she could sit and play...and eat, of course.  When Jack is in it, he wants to be eating!  It seems that whenever he is sitting watching us eat, he thinks he should be eating too!  He also had fun swinging in a big boy swing on a playground!  He loved it!
He is more and more aware of what is going on around him.  When you walk up to him, he looks at your and you can tell he really is trying to understand what is being said!  He is blowing raspberries all the time.  Anytime someone holds him, he tries to eat their fingers - wonder if any teeth are in the near future?  Also, he seems to have taken to the pacifier this month for when it is time to sleep.  If that makes him sleep better, I am all for it.  And I think I'd prefer that he take a pacifier than his thumb (even though it is adorable - and he still does suck on it from time to time) since we can take the pacifier away when we are ready!  Jack is trying to sit up and I can tell he is stronger and stronger!  He has yet to roll from back to stomach - he is SO CLOSE though.  Yesterday morning if he had tried for just two seconds longer he would have been over!  He is also grunting a lot - like he is figuring out all the different noises he can make!  He does make sweet baby noises still, but there is a whole lot more grunting going on these days!
Anything else?
Boys are gross.  The other night, Jack managed to poop, pee, and spit up in the bathtub all within about a 10 second timeframe.  Gross!  And that was the second time he had pooped in the tub (which, by the way, Katie has never done)!  He also is loving to pull hair these days...especially when he is eating.  He has tried to pull Katie's hair one time and to say she was not a fan is an understatement.  Things will be quite interesting once he is mobile and taking her things.  He loves to dance and jump on our laps.  If you kiss him on the neck he giggles with delight.  When I sing "Wheels On The Bus" to him, he stops what he is doing and watches me and listens to me.  He is the sweetest, happiest, most snuggly baby.  

Here he is on Wednesday.  Love that sweet smile!
This is what he looks like at night.  I could sit and stare at him for hours.
 Cutie in his jammies!
 Trying to sit up!  He does a pretty good job when he is surrounded by the Boppy!
 And loving bath time!
Today he is officially 22 weeks old.  Gosh that sounds like a long time on one hand, but on the other hand, it doesn't seem possible!  We love him so much and can't wait to watch him grow and learn.  


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