Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another Week, Another Menu Plan

In an effort to post progress with cooking and eating at home more often, I thought I'd share how last week went, as well as what we will be eating this week!
First of all, last week went pretty well.  If your recall, I had pesto pizza/tacos written on two nights thinking we would have one of those options the first time and then the alternate option on the second listing.  Well, we didn't have it either time!  The first time, I ended up making a pasta dish (which I already had the items for), and then last night, we ordered pizza :)  But that just means I carried those options forward to this week!  Oh, and on the "easy" night, we ended up eating out at Newk's.  So not too shabby - but room for improvement!
Now, here is the menu for this week!  The Crockpot Italian Chicken is a Tastefully Simple recipe and has been in the freezer from when I went to a freezer cooking workshop (it was amazing - I had to do prep work and then got together at a friend's house and we all put together 10 freezer meals...most of which use the crockpot!).  So I already have it out thawing so that I can toss it in the crockpot in the morning!  And I went to the grocery store this afternoon so we have all the items on hand through at least Thursday.  I have no idea what kind of Valentine's-themed meal we will put together....if you have suggestions for something fun that the kids will enjoy, let me know!  And I think Brad and I will go out sometime the week after.  We usually don't go out on the day itself because we hate fighting the crowds :)
And then the Friday and Sunday evenings - those are our traditional eat out spots on those evenings :)  Both loud and easy places so that the kids' noise levels are terribly noticeable! :)
Have a great week!


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