Monday, February 23, 2015

Another Week, Another Menu

I have to say - I am so proud of myself!  Though over the past week, I think I have cooked more than the last two months combined!  You see, we had Icepocalypse 2015 in these parts - and that meant no leaving the house.  So thank GOODNESS we were stocked - and that our neighbors have an AWD SUV :) I had even stocked up on wine!  Whew!
So I prepared three meals a day last week.  And Friday we got together with all the neighbors - and I made three things for that.  And I had most of the items on hand (pretty miraculous in and of itself).  The other items?  My neighbor picked up at Publix!  So delicious - in fact I think I may have leftovers for lunch here shortly!
Here is our plan for this week's meals!  I need to go to the store (likely tonight) so that we have items for these meals.  Most of it is from the freezer, once again.  That makes it so much easier!
Hope all is well!  Things will be even better if these crazy kids go back to school tomorrow (yes - they have been off since February 13)!


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