Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More Togetherness

We sure have had a lot of together time.  And when I say a lot.  I mean a lot.  Like whoa.  The ice storm last week meant that the kids didn't go to school all week.  And we could hardly get out of our neighborhood (it took Brad 10 minutes to get up our street on Thursday morning - I figured it wasn't worth it with the kids in tow so we stayed in).  And just when things started melting, it hit.  What is it, you ask?  Why, the stomach bug, of course.
This was Katie's Saturday.  She woke me up at 3:30am and informed me that she had thrown up in her bed.  Yuck.
Sunday, she and Brad were both out of commission.  But they both got better as the day progressed.  They both even ate baked potatoes for dinner!
And yesterday, Brad went to work.  And Katie was doing better.  We even got out of the house to run a couple errands!  And in the meantime, I got the call/email that the kids would be back in school today.  Just with a one hour delay.  Hooray! The best of both worlds!  Ease into the morning routine but have extra time..and they go to school!  Until Katie threw up again last night.  Twice.  So this is how she slept again last night.  In our bathroom.
She woke up feeling a lot better today (thank GOODNESS).  But the germ claimed another victim.  The Wild Man himself.  So this is what our morning looked like.  I moved the kitchen table and made a nest on the floor for Jack to watch shows.  And Katie sat at a distance but watched also.  And poor Ryan - he is WAY too big for the swing, but I needed somewhere to put him!
And thank GOODNESS for neighbors.  Like for real.  My friend/neighbor/angel came and brought these for me.  And not only did she bring these, but she happened to come when I was upstairs feeding Ryan a bottle to get him down for a nap...and Jack threw up again.  Good thing we love each other's kids.  Sheesh.
And she brought Jack a few feel better goodies...
And she brought Katie a word search and coloring poster that are both Frozen.  She was thrilled with something to do (since she is feeling better)!
And then Jack decided he wanted to get snuggly.
And then he fell asleep - in the middle of the kitchen with The Incredibles on.  Poor dude.  He did however keep one Saltine and a few sips of Pedialyte down!  I will call that a success!
And Katie is sitting at the island eating an easy snack lunch and watching the movie and doing her word search.  She even has a twinkle back in her eye!
I sure do look forward to some sense of normalcy and routine.  Mainly I want our crazy kiddos to feel better.  And to get back into their routines.  I think Katie will be good to go for school tomorrow (thank goodness).  And hopefully Jack will be feeling better.  He is so pitiful when he is sick!  He is actually STILL and CALM!  And I sure hope Ryan avoids the throw ups.  And I hope I avoid it too - mommas don't get sick days!  Here's to hoping we are back to normal soon! 



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