Saturday, September 8, 2012

Football Is Here!

Goodness - I miss a few days of blogging and then my motivation goes out the door.  HA!  I am just enjoying time with these kiddos.  There are lots of posts bouncing around in my brain, so stay tuned for lots more!  For now, it is time to recap the first weekend of college football!  We are a house divided - UT and Auburn (in case you were unaware).  Both Brad and I were super excited about the start of football - and our excitement apparently rubbed off onto Katie - she got SO excited!  Both of our teams played in Atlanta last weekend...boy would it have been fun to be there.  Instead, we got our favorite team colors out and hung out with friends.  So fun!  Friday night, UT played, so of course we had our orange on! Here are the kiddos ready to cheer on the Vols!
 And here they are outside with the UT garden flag and their daddy!  We ordered pizza and had some friends over to watch the game.  A relaxed but fun night of watching football!
 Saturday was game day for my Auburn Tigers!  We went over to have a day of football watching with friends (all Auburn fans - my friends from college).  And of course - the kids were sporting their Auburn goodies!  Katie was so excited that she and Jack had matching Aubies!
 And me and the kids with the Auburn garden flag!  I was a hot mess - literally - in this picture.  I had been on a hot walk and showered and just could not cool down.   A picture out in the heat and humidity didn't help matters, but you can't tell that by looking at this, right??
 And then we headed over to our friends' house.  Here are the offspring - the next generation of Auburn kiddos.  It is CRAZY to think we all have kids now!  Olivia is 7 months, Jack is 2 months, Katie is 3, and Avery is almost 18 months.  How fun!
 And a pic of me and Brad - we don't get these very often anymore!
 And the ladies - hard to believe we have been friends for TEN years!  Katherine (left) was my freshman year roommate at Auburn and we didn't know eachother before that (she is Olivia's momma), and Ashley (middle) was my roommate sophomore and junior year - though we were partners in crime our freshman year (and she is Avery's momma).  
 Thank goodness for the iPad!  Katie got to have quiet time while we were there - and she even shared with Avery!  All these kids are going to be handfuls in just a matter of years!
Welcome back, football!  Now bring on the cooler weather!


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