Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last Weekend

We had a nice weekend last weekend - and I wanted to post a few pictures before it is weekend time again!  Friday, we ended up going out to a friend's family's farm!  So fun - Katie got to swim and run around and see the pigs!  Isn't this scenery amazing??
 Man, those pigs were gross! 
 I didn't plan very well - wearing a white dress to the farm probably wasn't the best idea :)
 And then Saturday my dad and brother came over to eat some BBQ and watch football.  Here are my dad and Jack - both sporting their University of Miami gear!  Miami and Auburn both lost (boo!) but UT won - Brad was definitely pleased (and is already stressed about their game against Florida this weekend)!
 Jack talked to Papa a lot!
 Happy boy in his Miami shirt!  My dad picked this up for him at the bookstore when he was down in Miami for a meeting - makes Jack look like a football player!  So cute.
 And on Sunday, we watched the Titans play - they lost too!  But Jack was ready to cheer them on :) 
That afternoon, we went on a little walk with our neighbors and found a swing on a big tree in our neighborhood.  It was a hit for sure!  Katie and I were about to swing together here.
 And Katie and Stella loved inspecting the swing and figuring it out - along with playing in the dirt under it!  The weather was beautiful and it was great to spend so much time (almost 4 hours!) outside playing and visiting!
I love good, relaxing weekends at home.  It was definitely welcome!



  1. I had a weekend at home too. Sometimes it's just nice to do things at a slower pace isn't it?

    Jack looks so cute in his sports wear!

  2. That pig is huge! I think "gross" is an understatement. ha.