Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am fairly certain I just did WILW, but here it is time to do it again!  These 4 day work weeks (ha, who am I kidding?? Every day is a "work day" for me!) really throw me off!  Anyway, here is what I'm loving today! And if you want to link up, jump over {here}!
I'm LOVING that Katie's picture is part of a "next big thing" contest!  If we win, we get a free photography session and print credit.  Wanna do me a humongous favor?? Please click HERE and comment on the picture of her.  THANKS!!!  This is what the picture should look like...
 I'm LOVING this cute Christmas dress I found on etsy at a store called Julianne Originals!  I may just have to get this for Katie and see if she can do something coordinating for Jack (longall or shirt and pants or something.  So fun! 
 I'm LOVING this idea as a stocking stuffer (or party favor for a birthday party) for a little boy.  It is a car wallet!  I found it on Pinterest, but the etsy store where you can find them is My Happy Hobbies.  Once I play around with my sewing machine, I bet this is something I could try to make too.  One day... 
 I'm LOVING these printable chore charts!  Again, I found it on Pinterest, but here is the site where they can be found!
 I'm LOVING this Pinterest find as well!  I have to admit I haven't tried it, but I definitely plan to!  Let me know if you've tried it and if it really works!
 I'm LOVING this printable Babysitter Notes page.  There are other printables that can be found on this site here.  I definitely plan to fill out this form and put it on the fridge!
I'm LOVING my deoderant!  After having Jack, I could not find one that actually worked...until I started using this Secret Clinical Strength.  And I am pretty sure everybody around me loves this too :)


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