Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jack's Dedication

On September 16, we had Jack dedicated at church.  It was a great service (there were probably about 14-15 babies dedicated) and had a very personal touch.  When Katie was dedicated, all the families stood at the front.  Now, they have each family with the baby go stand up at the front while a pre-prepared paragraph is read and then a "life verse" is read by someone the family chooses.  And then there was a small reception for everybody afterwards.  It was so nice!  And after all that, we went to Chuy's for dinner - I hadn't been in a while and it was pretty tasty!

Here is my and my little man before the service - he was so happy! Thankfully he stayed that way the whole time :)
 And here is Brad with Jack.
 And we got a family shot at the front before the service started.
 A happy baby boy!
 Papa with dad read the life verse we selected during the service.  We thought it would be neat for his grandfather to read it :)
And this is the verse that he is definitely one of my favorites.
 Jack with Nanny and Papa...Katie wouldn't cooperate for a picture :)  She was in a funky mood that afternoon.
 Cee Cee with Jack!  I think this is a sweet picture!
And we got one with Cee Cee's eyes open! There is a specific setting on my camera that we have to use to catch her smiling and with her eyes open! :)
 We were the first ones to go to the front!  Here we are as the paragraph I put together was being read.  A woman from the children's ministry was praying over and for Jack.  After that, my dad read the verse. 
 And here is Jack with Tanja! He had fallen asleep, so he is kind of out of it in some of these pictures :)
 And Cat with Jack!  I love that some of our friends came!
 And here is Jack with Meme!
 And here he is with Ruth and Owen!
 And Jack with Uncle Will (and me, obviously)!
 Jack with the two grandmothers.  I took like 10 pictures and I think this was the best I could get between Jack crying and the two of them blinking or not smiling! ha!
 And Jack with Paulette and Darrell (Brad's aunt and uncle)!  They recently moved back from Texas - so glad!  My uncle on my mom's side and then an aunt and uncle on my dad's side were also there but I didn't get pictures with them in it!
 And Grandma with Jack - cute picture!
 Katie sort of cooperated for a picture by herself...I think she may have been overwhelmed with all of our family and friends together in one place - she is used to visiting with one or two or three at a time!  Plus it was during the afternoon when she usually has quiet time :)
 And one more family picture - love it!
 And last but not least, this sweet baby boy.  We borrowed the sweet outfit from some friends...I love it!
Such a special day!  And Jack got some sweet, thoughtful gifts to celebrate - a silver frame with his full name engraved, a pewter cup with a cross on it, a Bible with his name on it, an outfit, a toy, and lots and lots of love!

And I am super impressed if you are still with my on this post - sorry for the picture overload!  I am trying to play catch up :)


  1. What a sweet day and a happy little boy!

    Also, I believe we go to the same church. :)

  2. Congratulations! Love your dress :)
    Jack looks just like Brad in that last photo.
    Love it and love you!

  3. He looks just like Katie in that last picture! Such a sweetie!