Monday, September 10, 2012

Preschool Gal

This girl is a preschool girl now!  How can it be possible?!  And she is loving it too.  I knew, once I had gone to parent orientation, that she would love it.  The part I knew she'd like? The fact that they take turns being the line leader.  Yes - that was the first big thing she talked about ... for several days.  She says that they take turns and "tomorrow it is someone else and tomorrow it is someone else and then tomorrow it is someone else"....meaning the day after that.  Ha!  I can't even imagine how excited she will be when it is her turn!  She is still going to the same program, but she is going three days a week now.  And the three and five day programs are considered preschool!  On Tuesdays, they have music class...on Wednesdays, they have "Marketplace" (kind of like a specialty devotion time that is age appropriate)...and on Thursdays, they have library day!  She really likes her teacher and I think she is going to have a great year! 
Good grief this child looks like Brad in this picture.  I just had to post it - such a goofball!

And here she is on the first day of school over the years.  It sure is amazing how she changes from year to year.  In that first picture, she still has a baby look.  And then last year, she had a definite toddler look.  And now?  She is just a little girl...
Here she is with her first library book!  She was so proud!  Now we need to go to our local library and get her a library card - she will definitely love that!
 And here she is playing with one of her friends after school! They sure have a good time!


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