Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Random Thoughts

  • First off, didn't you miss me?!  This weekend was my first absence from blogging the entire YEAR!  I was getting a little tired of trying to come up with posts, so I decided to just take a little break!  And I'm back - for now, at least!
  • The other day we were on our way to a store to find some shoes for Katie.  We passed a neighborhood where houses are under construction and the side of one was facing the road.  The wood was up with the cutouts where windows would go.  Katie got so excited and said, "Oh.my.gosh.  Mommy, look!  It's a chicken house!"
  • Katie is loving playing doctor just like Doc McStuffins.  She even likes to wear the stethoscope just like she sees on the show!
  • Grandma and Katie had a slumber party Sunday night and it was SO nice to be able to go back to sleep after feeding Jack!
  • When we got home from leaving Katie at Grandma's, Brad and I were watching Dateline and it was a special on Stranger Danger.  They had kids out and had hidden cameras so that the parents could sit in a studio and watch what their child's reaction was when a stranger approached them.  Goodness it is so scary to think that all those crazies out there know just how to use the "right tactic" to kidnap.  It made me wonder what Katie would do and ways I can talk about that issue with Katie.  I don't think you can start talking about that issue too early!  On the show, the guy acted super nice and either had a puppy dog to show the kid or "free" ice cream and neat things on the truck to show them.  Ice cream and puppies - some of Katie's favorites!  AH!  I think if there are good, age-appropriate books to start reading to Katie about this, that may be the best way to approach it at first.  And of course finding teachable moments will be good.
  • I discovered the other night that Jack has a sweet little dimple on his left cheek.  Whenever he is falling asleep while eating, he always has sweet smiles.  And the other night I looked down and saw the cutest little dimple!
  • Today is Katie's first day of PRESCHOOL!!  It is still the program at our church, but the three and five day a week programs are considered preschool.  This momma is super excited for Katie to have that opportunity, as well as me to have time to get things done and spend time with Jack.
  • It is officially football season!  And I have a whole other post coming on that later this week.  We had a great weekend enjoying the first games of the season with friends!
  • I have been doing a good job with the exercise goals - the last two weeks I have worked out 6 out of 7 days!  I like it because it makes me feel better - and lets me eat more :)  I use the MyFitnessPal app on my phone - it is amazing!  It definitely holds me accountable with calorie management and all that!
  • There is nothing like sweet baby lips - especially on a sweet, SLEEPING baby!! :)


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  1. My sister-in-law was watching that show and they immediately called us and told us we had to talk to the kids to make sure they never got in the truck with a stranger for free ice cream (Leyton totally would-Kennedy would be more cautious). So as we were sitting at the table eating dinner we had the stranger danger discussion and told them to never go with them. And that we would give them as much ice cream as they wanted-they didn't need the stranger's ice cream! I am not sure Leyton fully understood what we were saying. He was probably thinking, where is this person with the ice cream?