Friday, March 29, 2013

Concert Fun: Maroon 5

Sunday night, we headed out to our second Maroon 5 concert - what a fun date night with friends!  And they did not disappoint (especially Adam Levine...whew!)!  We have seen them once before when they toured with Train - that concert was AMAZING!  This one was great -- only problem was that we weren't terribly impressed with the opening acts.  Owl City was pretty good.  Neon Trees, however, was pretty ridiculous.  As in ridiculously bad.  But we still had a great time and were on our feet the whole time Maroon 5 was performing!  I love dancing and singing at concerts :)

Here we are with Tanja & Nick - so fun! 
A fun picture of us (did I mention I love Instagram??)!
This was when Maroon 5 had taken stage...fantastic!
I love this picture!  Again, thanks to Instagram for a fun filter for the photo!
And towards the end...pretty awesome! (thanks, Sina, for the pic!) 
Dinner and a concert with friends...can't wait to find another concert to go to so we can do it again!  


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  1. I've always really liked Maroon 5, but have never seen them live before. Sounds like fun!!