Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Recap

It sure is nice to have a relaxing, not-much-to-do weekend!  We started out Friday with a visit to the dentist for Miss Priss!  She was so excited to go - and she got a great report!  I always love to hear that she has no cavities or other issues going on in there!  She loves getting the little bag of goodies, being able to watch TV as she lays in the chair, and then cashing in her token for a surprise!  After that, we headed to Target - it had been 3 weeks since we had been ... crazy, I tell you! We ended the day eating dinner at Newks...our home away from home :)
 Saturday, I got up bright and early for a Tae Bo class.  Good grief...I was dripping with sweat when I finished...but it was such a great workout!  It was the first standard class I had done - the three previous classes were all Basic classes...definitely a new challenge!  But I loved it!  We ended the day visiting with Papa and Nanny for dinner!  Amazingly, I don't think I took any pictures!  Well, except for Sadie making herself at home in the chair in the bonus room after the kids had gone to bed....
Sunday, we had a lazy day at home full of tidying up, Play Do, coloring, laundry, and trying puffs for the Dude!  Last night, we went to Tanja and Nick's house to hang out and have dinner.  We ended up watching The Little Mermaid and then had lasagna for dinner - yum!  Tanja tried showing Jack how to crawl - so cute!  We always have a blast when we hang out with them :)

When playing with Play Do with Brad, Katie was hilarious - they were playing with the princess set and she said that this princess looked like a Grandma because of her dress...
 She wanted Cinderella to look like Belle and Sleeping Beauty instead (no bodice with shoulder pads - ha!...just the skirt part)! We laughed so hard!
And this pretty much sums up Jack's first experience with puffs!  He did enjoy one or two, and he even picked them up and put them in his mouth!  But he had had quite enough after just about two minutes :) At least it provided some entertainment for all of us!
I sure love these two crazies!
And here are the pics from last night at Tanja and Nick's!
Hope you had a super weekend!