Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shuffle, Step

 This past Monday at dance class, they invited the mommas in to watch the last few minutes of the tap portion of the class.  It was the first time we saw them tap dance - we saw the ballet portion last time.  It was so neat to see what they have been working on!  And they even went through their routine for the recital a couple of times!  This sequence of pictures says it all...notice that look of concentration!! If you can imagine the teacher reminding them that it goes "shuffle, step" during this sequence... 
And all of the little ladies were so proud of themselves!  Katie did so great - I can't wait until her first recital!
Here she is waiting on her friends after we changed into ballet shoes.  Isn't she the sweetest??  I'm so glad she loves dance class!



  1. She IS so sweet!!! There are quite a few things I want to do with my daughter (if we ever have one) and tap/ballet are at the top of that list. I just think it is precious! Does it bother you that you can't watch? I get why they do it, but I think it'd drive me crazy not to be able to watch those cutie patooties dancing around!!!

  2. How cute!
    Lexie is switching from gymnastics to dance in the Fall!