Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Recap: Part One

 What a fun weekend!  The weather was so spring-like, which made it perfect to get outside and enjoy the swingset!  On Friday, it was so nice...I think Katie spent probably 4 hours outside throughout the day!  She absolutely LOVES the swingset!
 Jack loves the swingset too...I'm pretty sure he would sit in his swing for hours and be as happy as can be!
Friday afternoon, I went to get my hair done!  It is definitely different...I've never gotten highlights focused on the springy look - it is pretty light!  But I am starting to get used to it and am loving having something different!
Saturday, I got up early and went to Tae Bo (wore me out big time) and then headed home to have breakfast with the family.  It was another beautiful day, so we headed out back and played on the swingset with Stella and Jill while Jack napped...he took a 3 hour nap!
That afternoon, we surprised Katie with a trip to the was packed but still so fun!  We went to see the elephants and giraffes first since we usually don't make it to that part because of Katie being tired!  
Here are some pics of Brad and cute!
 And of course we had to hit up the carousel...that is Katie's favorite part!  She went once with Brad and once with me!
And here I am with my sweetie them!
 And Brad with the two kiddos!
After the carousel, we went to see the meerkats and then Brad and Katie went inside to see the frogs, spiders, fish, turtles, etc and Jack and I hung out outside!  Then we decided it was time to go - next time we will see the other animals and make time to play on the humongous playground!  Katie was tired from playing outside all morning!

I sat in the backseat on the way home to try to feed Jack a bottle...we ended up taking silly pictures instead!! :) crazy tan lines from being outside with Katie...just the arms, my face, and that teeny triangle on my chest.  So excited to get some color - it was tan when I woke up Sunday :)
What a fun couple of days!  In order to not have TOO many pictures in one post, I will do a post on Sunday/St. Patrick's Day be sure to check back!  Hope you had a great weekend!



  1. We love the Zoo too!! Im pretty sure Rowen would love going everyday. Haha. Your hair looks great. Love the color of the highlights!

  2. This sounds like the perfect weekend for little ones Katie's age! The weather was so beautiful this weekend too, especially Saturday. I know I went out and enjoyed it.

  3. Looks like that swingset was a perfect investment! I love that picture of Jack, he's too cute.

    We are thinking about a trip to the zoo in a week or so. Our closest one is about 4 hours away though. That's what we get for living in the head of no where I guess. My boy is almost 3 though and I think he would LOVE it :)

    We had great weather on Saturday but by Sunday it had turned cold again. I'm so ready for Spring and tan lines!

    Hope your having a great week :)