Friday, March 15, 2013

Climbing, Swinging, + Sliding

I'd say this is the face of a pretty happy girl...don't you think??
Why is she smiling from ear to ear you ask?  Well, it is because we finally got our very own swingset!!!
The kids were with us when we bought it, but Katie was too busy playing basketball with Brad to even notice the fact that we were buying one!  And when it was installed on Tuesday, she was at school.  I was like a little kid - I was SO excited to pick her up and hurry home so we could surprise her!  And it just so happened that Brad was home from a meeting that got finished early, so we all got to enjoy the fun!

This is the sequence of unveiling events - Brad carried her down to the yard with her eyes covered.  He then put her down and started videoing her reaction...she turned around and then looked up with that big grin (that was a stillshot from the video on my phone) and then took off to the swingset.  Well, she tried...she was so excited that she kept tripping!
We all had a blast exploring the swingset - Katie did everything within the first 5 minutes and couldn't wait to do it all over again!  Jack has his own swing and Katie loves pushing him (gently, of course)!
This was my favorite action shot...doesn't she look like she is in heaven??
Later in the afternoon, Stella came over to play on it with Katie!  These girls are going to love having this playground right outside their houses!  Jill said that when she showed Stella the swingset (they can see it out of the master bedroom), she was so full of excitement and emotion that she almost cried!  
And here is Day Two of playing outside!  She couldn't wait to get out there!  I love of these pictures...she looks like she is having a blast!  In that last picture, I snuck up on her and scared her...what a priceless expression!
And yesterday was Day 3...I didn't get any pictures because I stayed inside, but we opened the blinds and one window in the living room so we could watch her and talk to her out was perfect!  She loved being able to look inside and see us and talk to us - and Sadie found it so entertaining that she put her front paws up on the house to try to get to us!  

I know this swingset is going to be used every possible moment it can be...I can't wait for warmer weather and sunshine so we can be out there as much as possible!



  1. How exciting! Love her sweet little outfits. Drew loves being outside too and it's one of my favorite things about him. At 2 years old, he really doesn't have a favorite tv show as he's still not really interested in TV. Fine by me! :)

  2. How much fun for her! I still remember being about her age and waking up one morning to a brand new swing set in my yard. Best day ever!

  3. Looks like so much fun!! I can't wait till we get a swingset for Rowen! Love all the pictures too.

  4. What an exciting time for Miss Katie! There are going to be so many awesome memories made in that yard. She will be out there all summer long :)

  5. Following you now from the FFF bloghop. I have cousins that live in Auburn & go to that college.