Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Recap: Part Two

Time for Part Two of our weekend!  We didn't make it to church Sunday - Jack is just getting over being sick so we wanted to make sure his little immune system is able to fully recover!  We had breakfast and put Jack in the walker ... that boy can scoot!  It is like all of a sudden he just takes off everywhere in that thing.  Should be quite the adventure once he is taking off on his own!
And then it was time to get dressed in our best green goods!  I got this dress for Katie before Christmas thinking she could wear it then, but when I put it on her it didn't fit her right.  Well she has apparently grown since then and it fits just right now!  Love the green chevron material...such a fun spring color!
And I LOVE this picture!  I love when I get a different angle and it turns out like I hope it does!
And Brad actually took some pictures of me with Katie!  And I love how they turned out!  It was pretty bright outside, so we are a little squinty :)
This has got to be one of my favorites!  It will definitely be going in a frame soon!
And I got some cute ones of Katie and Brad together!  It's not every day that we all sort of coordinate (thanks, St. Patty's Day!), so we had to take advantage!
And then Jack woke up from his nap, so we got some pics with the Dude in them!
I love how much they love each other!
It seems like Jack turned 9 months old and all of a sudden just looks so different!  *the 9 month post is coming later this week...I'm waiting on the official stats from his doctor visit!
He just can't get enough of Brad being a goofball...I love the twinkle in his eyes here!
My two boys...so sweet!
And a decent one of me with both of the kiddos...clearly Katie was ready to be done with pictures by this point (especially since she knew we were heading to a birthday party)!
One of Katie's friends had a party at a place that is all glow in the dark/black light stuff!  It had bounce houses and putt putt and a dance floor and all kinds of other things for the kids to do...she loved it!
I was pretty impressed that the tissue paper AND ribbon coordinated with the bag for my wrapping job :)  And isn't that cake adorable??!  I will be placing an order for Katie's party soon for sure!  And Brad was working with Katie on how to hold the club for putting.  She was SO proud of herself when she hit the ball in the hole!  And by the end, Jack was ready to crash...he was all stretched out on Brad's lap!

Whew!  What a fun weekend it was.  I hope that weather is back for good very soon! 


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