Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Bunny Visit + Some Trains

Sorry for my absence lately...we've just been busy!  Katie is on Spring Break this week and I wanted to find something fun to do each day with the kiddos, so we have been busy doing that.  But I will be sure ti do a post of all the fun we are having - don't you worry :)
 But I want to make sure I do posts of other fun things we have done recently!  Last Friday, I took the kids to see the bunnies at a local toy store!
 Every year for a while before Easter, this store has a big display where you can come see the bunnies.  It is so neat!  There used to be a department store that had the bunnies (I would always go see them there when I was little), but that store closed a while back and this toy store has continued the tradition!
The kids loved it!  And I loved that they matched :)
 I can't believe how much Katie has grown since our visit last year!
 I think this is my new favorite angle for pictures...I love it!  And I love that sweet face :)
She was SO excited...doesn't she look ready to go?!
 On the way there, we stopped to pick Cee Cee up and then headed to the toy store.  This was the best pic I could get of the two of them in front of the bunny area!
 While she was excited about seeing the bunnies, she was even more excited about the trains!  They have model trains set up and you can look at them - and play with different train tables and dollhouses!
 Jack was fascinated with the bunnies too!
 Most of the bunnies were asleep, but there were a few that had some energy!
 After a stop by the bunnies, we were off to the trains!
 This little guy didn't know what to think - there was so much to see!
 And of course Katie (and Cee Cee) had to play with all the toys!
 After we let Katie pick out a few things to give one of her friends as a birthday present, we were heading out.  The people that own the bunnies were outside and let Katie hold a little bunny!
Do you think she was excited?? HA!  She would not stop talking about the fact that she got to hold a bunny!  I love that this store has continued the bunny tradition so I can take my kids to do something that I did when I was little!


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  1. cant wait to have the new shirt! grow, katie, grow! love last year's too!