Wednesday, December 3, 2014

All She Wants For Christmas Is Her Two Front Teeth

I cannot believe I have a child that is old enough to start losing teeth! AH!  It was quite an eventful weekend for both Katie and the Tooth Fairy!  That's right - Katie lost her first tooth on Friday!  It was only slightly traumatic - we saw that the big tooth was coming in behind it and the baby tooth was super loose, so we told her it needed to come out so there was space.  It took a little while, but once I used some good old dental floss to yank it out, we had success!  In fact, it flew across our bathroom into the shower!  Thankfully it didn't go down the drain :)  Here is Katie after it finally came out - she was so relieved it was over and excited!
And there is the spot!  She really has to work at smiling to get that area to show - I can't imagine what it'll be like once she loses top teeth!
After we had success, she decided she wanted to write Santa and Alvin (our elf) a note to tell them about losing her tooth!  She looks SO grown up here.  Sheesh.
Here she is with the finished letter!  And of course smiling to show the empty space!
During the time I was convincing her the tooth  needed to come out, I may have bribed her :)  So I followed through on my "if you let us get this tooth out, I will give you a surprise" promise - some polka dot My Little Pony house shoes!  She was SO excited!
Later that night, we put the tooth in the pocket of her tooth fairy pillow!  She told me she was going to try to stay awake to see the Tooth Fairy :)  That didn't happen - she was exhausted!
But the next morning she came downstairs full of smiles!  The Tooth Fairy came!  And left a note!  And FIVE DOLLARS! Wow!
Here is a close up of the note from the Tooth Fairy!
Fast forward a little while and we had just sat down Sunday night after getting the big kids tucked in.  Katie jumped out of her bed and came downstairs and informed us that her other bottom tooth was ready to come out.  I felt it and she wasn't kidding!  I knew it was loose but thought it had a few days!  I think Katie had been messing with it :)  Anyway, she wanted to use dental floss again - and it worked like a charm!  Two teeth down in less than three days!  Here is the even more toothless grin!
She is always ready with a silly face :)  She couldn't wait to go back to school the next day to tell her teacher and her friends about losing two teeth!
So we got the tooth fairy pillow out and ready again!
And the Tooth Fairy came again!  This time, she left 8 quarters :)  Katie was unsure if the Tooth Fairy would come that night since it was already nighttime when she lost the tooth - she was thrilled to see that the Tooth Fairy did come :)  Katie was so excited to put all her money in her piggy bank!  If Katie keeps losing teeth, the Tooth Fairy may need a second job!
A few other funnies from Katie when we were talking about the Tooth Fairy...
*Katie thinks that there is more than each state or area has their own
*the Tooth Fairy is obviously a girl (she couldn't believe I had the nerve to even as if there were boy tooth fairies)
*the Tooth Fairy and Alvin do not know each other - she didn't seem too worried about them seeing each other either :)


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