Friday, December 19, 2014

No More Floppy Curl

We finally did it!  Last week, Jack had his first haircut!  That piece in the back that flopped everywhere finally had to go.  In the summer it was so cute when he got hot and sweaty - it would curl up like a ringlet!  So cute!  A frizzy, rattail looking piece...not so cute :)
Here he is before his haircut! He loves wearing his sunglasses these days too!
We went to the same place that Katie had her first haircut!  And there she is cutting his cute curl off!
Such a big boy!  And thank goodness they had this bus for him to play with - kept him still and occupied!  We actually bought one for him as a souvenir of his first haircut :) 
He absolutely refused to look at me and smile afterwards - such a boy! And such a 2 year old!
I did manage a smile and looking at me at home though - and doesn't he look so big with that hand in his pocket?  Ah!
And the before and after :)  Before on the left and after on the right.  The evened everything out and cut the floppy curl off!  And yes, I have that curl in a bag for his baby book :)
He is so proud of his haircut!  And he looks so different with big boy hair!

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