Saturday, December 27, 2014

Deck the Halls: Our Christmas Decor

I finally took some pictures of our décor on Christmas Day (and the day after Christmas)! :)  This season seems to have been a whirlwind - I guess that's what having that third child will do!  We did manage to get stockings and a tree up - and some outdoor lights...but I had visions of so much more!  Oh well...there is always next year!

Brad did a great job on the lights this year.  Everytime the kids would see them on, they would both say - almost in unison - "Daddy did a good job on the lights!" 

And as you walked into the foyer, this is what we had out on the console table!  This little area and the area in the kitchen were definitely some of my favorites.  Oh, and the Christmas card display area - ha!  Can you tell I love Christmas décor?
I had a few subtle touches in the dining room...
And our tree with some gifts under it on Christmas Eve!  The tree turned out fine - and we didn't even get half of our ornaments on there!  I think there will come a time (sooner rather than later) that we have to put a second tree up either in the sunroom or bonus room for more ornaments.  This year we added 8 ornaments to our collection on Christmas Day alone!  That doesn't even include ornaments the kids made at school and all of that!
And some Christmas goodies on the mantle -- and the stockings all hung -- and Elf on the TV :)  I had good intentions to get us all matching stockings this year.  And that didn't happen.  Maybe next year I will get an earlier start on that!
And the display of Christmas cards!  I hang ribbons on the cabinets and I clip the cards to them - my favorite!  I love looking at all of them!
And the little area under the TV in the kitchen!
And of course some cute Christmas hand towels on the oven :)
I love this cute reindeer pillow!  I think I got it on clearance last year after Christmas :) It is the perfect touch to the chair in the corner of the sunroom where the kiddos' toys are!
And a little Christmas tree in the downstairs bathroom :)
At the top of the stairs, I put all the cute Christmas creatures and the stack of books that Alvin brought!
Now, for the good intentions - mainly so I can come back and read this next year :)  I wanted to....
-get the kids' trees up and decorated (oops!)
-get a cute bow and some greenery for the mailbox
-same cute bows and greenery for the lanterns on either side of the front door
-lights on the railing of the deck
-lights on the wooden star and hang it up (likely on the deck)
-artificial greenery with lights along the lower part of the staircase
-hang our Christmas cards from years past ...I even got them out to do it!
We will leave some of the decorations up for another week or so - and then the house will look so boring once it is put up!  I need to get some good winter decorations so that I have fun things to put out!  Well, winter items and some neat Valentines Day items as well!  Or maybe I will get crafty and make something (ha - likely not going to happen this year)!


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