Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Tradition: Annual Ornament Swap + Trolley Time

I definitely love this time of year and all of the fun things to do!  I also love traditions :)  This past week we had our annual GNO Ornament Exchange - we sit at the same table at the same restaurant!  I look forward to this every year for sure!  Here is the group shot!
 And me with my new ornament for the tree!  I guess we could have closed the pantry behind me - oops :) That's real life, folks!
Another tradition is the outing with my brother to look at Christmas lights!  The annual trolley outing was a success!  And Jack even got to go this year!  Tanja and Nick stayed with Ryan and the big kids went with us :) So much fun!  Here is a family shot!
 Here are Jack and Brad on the trolley - Jack was SO excited - he loves Christmas lights and anything transportation!  He was obviously more interested in the trolley than taking a picture for me.
 And a picture with my favorite girl.  She sat with Cee Cee most of the time - and in the back singing Christmas songs the other part.  She loves this adventure as much as we do!
 There's a smile!  Pretty impressive since this was well after bedtime :)
 Love this picture so, so much!  She is so fun these days (when she isn't whiny)!
 Checking out the lights!  He absolutely loved it - and he did well!  He sat with Cee Cee for a little while (and kept closing her lips so she couldn't sing) and Brad most of the time.
 And the only way we get pictures together these days - a selfie! :)
I can't believe Christmas is next week!  I am off to get some wrapping done on this last day of both big kids being out of the house - pure insanity from here on out! :)


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