Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Katie's Letter to Santa

This is the first year that Katie has written her very own letter to Santa.  In years' past, we go through the toy ads and I make a list and have written a letter that she dictated to me.  She's growing up WAY too quickly!
We started off the same way - going through toy ads.  I let her loose with the ads and a pen.  I kept having to remind her that she needed to decide what she really wanted - not circle everything in the ads! :)
And then it was time to start the writing!  She said she wanted a lined piece of paper - and then she got to work!
I only helped with a handful of words - amazing!  And she felt like she had to fill up the whole page :)  I absolutely love this - what a treasure!
She wanted to put it in an envelope - and then she decorated it!  That is the front of the envelope - picture of Santa and all!
And then the back :)  I think she's sucking up to Santa...what do you think?
And then we sent it to Santa via Alvin!
It was so fun watching her really come up with her own list and writing it all down!  I love how magical this time of year is for kiddos!

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