Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ryan: 6 Months

Ryan is doing amazing with his sleep at night.  First, let me knock on some wood so I don't jinx this :)  He usually has a bottle between 8-8:30 and then goes to sleep.  Some mornings he wakes up at 5:45 (but will usually go back to sleep after getting the binky again), while other mornings he has made it until 7:30 (those would be the mornings we don't have set an alarm)!  He is still not really on a good nap schedule, but I think that may just be how things operate with the third child.  He typically gets one good nap per day - and it varies as to where he is for that: high chair, carseat, swing (we are likely almost finished with that), our lap, or in his bed.  I also think he enjoys sleeping on his belly now that he can get there himself!
We made it six months! Woohoo!  That was my goal for him exclusively having breastmilk.  And we did it.  YAY!  I have been cutting out feedings, so he has had lots of bottles of thawed milk, but no formula!  feeding, and then stop pumping at night and then do away with the morning feeding.  It will be a slow transition, which I am a-okay with (for him and for me)!  Ryan has five bottles each day - each with 7 ounces.  He gets cereal twice a day - scoops each time.  And he does great with it!  We will be trying baby food sometime soon.  I think he will do great!  Last week we sat him up in the high chair and put the tray on - it made him look way too old!
He weighs 17 pounds, 11 ounces - in the 50-75th percentile!
He is 26 inches in length - in the 25-50th percentile!
Size Clothes
Still 6 months...for now.  I think we will be transitioning to 9 month things in no time though!  Especially when it comes to the footed sleepers!  I did put him in a 9 month onesie and it fit...ah!  Slow down, time!
Size Diapers
Ryan is still wearing size 2 diapers - though I feel sure he could wear size 3 diapers with no problem.  I am hoping to finish out the size 2 packs we have before moving into size 3 :)
Hair color
Little dude has some hair!  Now, it is most definitely not a head full by any stretch, but I can definitely see more than peach fuzz (just barely)!  It seems to be darker than Katie's and Jack's, but I guess we will wait and see!
Eye color
Still those amazing baby blues! 
Looking Like
Please see previous post :)  He definitely favors Brad as a baby - as in they could be twins!  Ryan looks a lot like Jack did at this age, but he also favors Katie too (especially the eyes)!
I can't think of anything new here.  He gets called "Baby" a lot - hopefully he will learn his real name is Ryan soon - ha!  We do call him Buddy, Bud Bud, Little Dude, and Rhino.
Favorite toy
Ryan absolutely loves the exersaucer! 
And he is more entertained by the playmat - mainly because he likes to roll around on it. 
He loves the little cow baby toy (which Katie also loved) and the Little Einsteins music radio toy!  And these do not typically serve as toys, but he laughs so hard at them - he loves the sound of opening a garbage bag, crinkling tissue paper, and making fart noises...such a boy!  I also found a crinkly book that Jack loved - Ryan loves it just as much!
Ryan can roll all over the place now!  He also had his first Thanksgiving!  Such a cute little turkey :)
Ryan also had his first visit with Santa!  He loved it!
Ryan is getting or precise with his reaching for things and playing with them!  He rolls both ways (he rolled from tummy to back on Thanksgiving!) and scoots too!  I have actually caught him on all fours attempting to crawl.  Oh dear.  He also makes all kinds of noises - not necessarily trying to talk yet, but definitely more expressive and aiming to get our attention!
Anything else?
I am so excited about Ryan experiencing his first Christmas.  No doubt it will be a little crazy, but he loves the lights on the tree!  He will definitely love watching Katie and Jack - they are his most favorite form of entertainment!  He gets bored when it is just him!  Thank goodness he is such a sweet, happy guy - he just goes with the flow!  Something I also will catch him doing every once in a while is smiling as he is falling asleep.  He has literally done this since he was just born and I love when I can catch it.  I am also soaking up as many snuggles and cuddles and hugs as I can.  I can't believe this sweet guy is already half a year old!  How is that even possible?!  If he falls asleep in my lap, I don't think twice about soaking up cuddling a snoozy baby!  One other thing we laugh about is if we do a little toss in the air, we call Ryan the "starfish" - all the limbs go out and he giggles so much!  He occasionally will do a "starfish stretch" :) And when I was taking Ryan's picture, I noticed that he has discovered the noise the fabric makes when he scratches his glider - both Katie and Jack loved that too.  I have a feeling the monthly picture is just going to get more difficult!
Here are some pictures from the last few weeks!


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