Monday, December 8, 2014

Just A Little Comparison...

I had good intentions to create something similar to this when Jack was 6 months old - or even after the fact - and that obviously never happened!  Now that Ryan is 6 months old (which, by the way, how is that even possible?! - and that monthly update will be coming once we have his 6 month checkup), I decided to put this together!  This would be each of us at age 6 months.  Pretty amazing, no?
Who do you think favors each other?  I think Katie and Ryan definitely have my eyes.  But good grief - Ryan does look a lot like Brad!  I think Jack is a good mix - but maybe more so on the Brad side.  And Katie looks more like me than I thought!  HA!  I could look at that comparison for hours, I think.  Each time I look at it, I think someone looks more like a the other parent, or I find similarities or differences in the siblings - but each time it changes!


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