Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tradition Time: Puckett's + Gentry's

Well, we finally did it!  It's the time of year for our annual outing to eat breakfast at one of our favorite places and then head to the pumpkin patch!  And this year, some of our friends went too!  I got up this morning and ran with Katherine - so glad we did that considering the amount of food I consumed at breakfast! :)  Then we all met at Puckett's for breakfast.  Katie was so excited about Mickey pancakes!
 They always have the neatest fall decor out in front of the restaurant!  Katie looked awfully cute too :)
 We sure love Puckett's - what a fun place to go!  And we only had to wait about 10 minutes for a party of 10 people ... I'll take it!
 Then it was time to head out to Gentry's!  I checked the weather this morning and knew it'd be cool, but it said 0% chance of rain until 2pm today with hints of sunshine.  Well - it started raining on our drive out there.  Thankfully it stopped and only misted on us a little bit!  And I'm so glad we took the wagon for Jack to ride in - it was a hit with all the kiddos!
 Then it was time for the annual truck picture!  I may have to do a post this week of our truck pictures through the years - I love that they have this "prop" every year!  It makes for a great photo op for sure!  And thankfully there was a family waiting on us who acted goofy to get Jack to smile :)  It takes a village - in more than one way! Ha!
 And we waited under cover for the rest of the crew - love this picture of me and my girl!
 Olivia had the best time pushing the wagon!  She made sure that was her spot any time we were on the move!
 And then the A crew arrived!
 Katie loved the tire swing! It definitely looked like a lot of fun to me too!
 Jack was having a blast riding on the bumpy gravel in the wagon - he had a smile on his face the whole time!
 Then we headed out to the hayride area!
 Katie was excited that she was sitting at the very front :)
 K and Olivia were ready to go too!
 And a quick one of all the little ladies before we headed out to see all the cows!
 How beautiful.  I am so thankful to live in an area where this is a normal view!
 All of the cows were keeping an eye on us!  There were also some of the cutest baby cows - even one that was just born last night!
 Katie loved looking at the pigs and sheep too!  Cutie pie :)
 Avery was ready for our next adventure :)
 Just look at those pigtails!  Olivia thought the pigs were pretty neat!
 And he's on the move!  He was awfully happy to be out of the wagon!
 I absolutely LOVE this picture of these precious girls!  Katie is almost 4.5, Avery is 2.5, and Olivia is 21 months (and Jack is 16 months)!
 We tried for one with Jack in it - he wasn't having it.  He is a busy boy for sure!
 Then we made our way to the wheat and corn play area!  Katie could play there forever - and of course Jack wanted to just eat it all :)
 All the kiddos playing so nicely!
 A family picture of Dallas, K, and Olivia!  Olivia wasn't thrilled about leaving the corn play area - and was probably starting to get tired.  But it is still a cute pic!
 Good grief Katie is tall.  Sheesh.  What is that - about 46" tall?! Wow!
 And we got a cute family picture after picking out a big pumpkin and a few little pumpkins!  My favorite people :) Love this!
I love this tradition we have started - and I love that our friends wanted to come with us this year!

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