Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Tradition: Three Years and Counting

I just love family traditions.  And it seems we have created out own!  Each fall, we head to breakfast at Puckett's and then go out to Gentry's Farm to pick out our pumpkins and let Katie play and enjoy all of their activities!  This was our third year to do this - Katie was just a baby the first year, and then we went last year. (*you can click on those links to see each year's post*) We ventured out last weekend and had such a fun time! We got up and headed out for breakfast first...
...and then it was off to Gentry's to play and get pumpkins!  Here is what it looks like as you walk in from the parking area.
We had an opportunity to take Katie's annual picture on the Gentry's truck.  The only difference? She did not cooperate at all! No smiles.  Just staring.  Maybe she was full of fruit and pancakes.

She did think it was neat to play with the pumpkins while she was up there.  I am tempted to go again to see if we can get a cute picture on the truck.  We will see about that.

And then it was off to enjoy some of the fun activities they have for the families!
First, we went on the hayride.  It was Katie's first one!  She had fun (even though she doesn't really look like it in this picture - she sure wasn't cooperative!) and enjoyed seeing the sights of the farm!
Yep, still not loving the pictures...
Beautiful day for a visit to the Pumpkin Farm!
On the hayride, we got to see lots of cows - including lots of baby cows (I have a thing for baby cows - they are ADORABLE)!  I'm also pretty impressed with the "artsiness" of this picture!
This one is just a LITTLE bit better :)  A self-portrait while on the hayride!
I thought this was a cool picture - it was as we were finishing the hayride.
And after that, we did a little maze that had a slide for Katie!  She enjoyed walking through the bales of hay!
And she DEFINITELY loved sliding!
Daddy is helping our girl up the stairs so she can try yet another slide!
And she loved the little tractors again this year.  Katie also loved seeing other kids and how they played on their tractors.  So observant.
Being goofy with daddy - cute picture!  Is that a smile I see??? :)
Running to the next activity!
She could have shoveled and moved and poured this corn all day I am fairly certain.  She loves things like this, so it was right up her alley!  And I think Brad really enjoyed it too!
And look who we found!  Sweet Stella was there too - and she loved playing with the corn just as much!
And, of course, Stella was with her Mommy & Daddy.  Cute family pic!
And please pardon the bra strap - I think the straps need sensors with they are exposed in pictures...or just in general.  I hate when a bra strap ruins a picture!  It doesn't help that Katie was pulling my shirt towards her.  Cute picture aside from that though!
And then it was pumpkin time!  We decided to pick ours from the "pre-picked" section.  Katie liked helping Daddy decide which one to get!
And, as usual, Katie got to pick her own out too!
"LOOK! These are JUST my size!"
Definitely a successful day at the farm.  Then it was time to head home and put those pumpkins on the porch!
Ahhh...finally, a cute picture with a genuine smile.  I'll take it for sure!

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