Friday, October 22, 2010

Family Fall Fun

This past weekend, we were certainly busy most of the time! Saturday was spend getting pictures done for our Christmas card, eating lunch with family, and going to a fun birthday party! On Sunday, we had a family fall day. I was so excited to continue on the tradition of Puckett's and Gentry's Farm. Last year, we went to Gentry's on a chilly Saturday and decided to go to dinner at Puckett's afterwards. I wanted to continue the tradition this year - so we went to brunch at Puckett's and then headed on over to Gentry's Farm. Katie certainly enjoyed the experience at the farm much more this year. They have great activities for kids of all ages - we picked out our pumpkins, and then did the "munchkin maze," saw the goats, played with little tractors, looked at the lake, and then played some bean bag toss. We nearing naptime at the end, so Katie was definitely getting grumpy, but I we had so much fun! I can't wait to continue that tradition year after year. Here are some pictures from our family fall day!

Brunch at Puckett's

Katie posing on the Gentry's truck (we did a similar picture last year - but she was barely sitting up on her own!)

Another truck pic

Daddy trying to find the perfect pumpkin

He found it!

Katie's turn to pick one out

Our family pumpkins

Daddy & Katie in the munchkin maze

I love this one - they had finally found the way out of the maze!

I love this picture - Happy Fall!

Happy Katie

She loved running around to all the different activities

We tried to get her to stand there so we could see how tall she was and do a picture like that every year - she would not stand still!

Looking at the goats

Playing on the tractors

Momma and a very tired Sweet Pea

She got her second wind to play some bean bag toss!

Looking at the "wa wa"

Heading back to the car - what a fun day!

And now our front door is ready for fall!!

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