Monday, March 2, 2009

31 Weeks Picture & Update

Here is the latest and greatest of the growing belly! It is really hard to believe that I am 31 weeks - I know I say that each week, but it really is hard to believe! Everything is seeming much more real now - we went to Childbirth Education Class this past weekend at Baptist Hospital, which is where I will be having this little one. We learned all about pain management options, labor, delivery, post-partum care, baby care, toured the hospital areas, and practiced breathing and pushing. It definitely made everything seem much more realistic!! I went and worked out this evening and walked the fastest I have yet this pregnancy - a whopping 3.0 miles an hour!! :) And that was at a 3% incline - what a great way to start the week. This upcoming weekend is my first of three baby showers this month. Exciting!!

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  1. You look great!!!!!!!! I'm beyond sad that I can't make it to your shower this weekend! I'll be thinking about you:)