Friday, March 6, 2009

Sadie & Katie

This morning I woke up at around 4:15, which was just ridiculous. The initial thoughts running through my head involved coupons and whether I could use a Publix "Buy 1 Huggies diaper, get 1 Huggies wipes free" coupon at Kroger mixed with a $5 Huggies diaper coupon, Huggies wipes coupon, and then an e-coupon via my Kroger Plus Card. Absolutely absurd. I then rolled over thinking a position change would allow me to go back to sleep. Well, Katie had other plans. I guess my position change woke her up and she proceeded to roll around, kick, punch, and hiccup. This woke me up even further as I was trying to be able to tell what limbs were doing what movement, where the hiccups were coming from (to try to tell if she had turned yet or not), etc. So I just layed there and about a minute later, Sadie came up and layed right up next to my belly (like if she could have layed ON it, she would have). Katie was still moving around like crazy, and every time she would punch/kick, Sadie could feel it and would lift her head and look at me. After this happened about 5 or 6 times, Sadie finally had had enough and got up and moved back to the foot of the bed. I literally laughed out loud. A baby that is in my belly was disturbing the dog's sleep pattern!!!

My brain kept working overtime, so I just went on and got out of bed at 5:15 - I arrived to work at 6:30. This means that I will be making an early departure this afternoon - weekend here I come!!!!

Sidenote: I talked to Brad when he was on his way into the office this morning and he informed me that night before last, just after I had fallen asleep, Sadie was snoozing as well and was snoring like a chainsaw. That crazy, crazy dog....she has no idea that her wonderful life is about to be turned upside down....

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  1. I have no doubt she'll be jealous!!! That's too funny though! When do you officially start your maternity leave?