Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekly CVS & Publix Shopping, Etc!

I went ahead and did some shopping at CVS and Publix today - mainly because we needed milk (and it's on sale at Publix)! I probably would have done Walgreens too, but nothing there really interested me. Here is the breakdown of my shopping...

CVS: 3/15/09
(1) Huggies 216-count wipes
(1) Huggies 184-count wipes
(3) Johnson & Johnson Softlotion (for me)
(1) Colgate Max White toothpaste
(2) Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo
used $7.99 in ECB
used $15 in manufacturer's coupons
Spent: $27.53
Saved: $33.29
*I have $6.99 in ECB for next time!
Publix: 3/15/09
(2) Barilla pastas (BOGO)
(2) Bertolli pasta sauces (BOGO)
(3) Crest toothpastes
(2) Pringles Fat-Free chips
(1) Thomas English muffins (BOGO)
(1) Publix milk
(1) Publix tortilla chips (penny item)
Spent: $14.75
Saved: $17.62
So far this week, I have achieved my goal - saving more than I spend! I made my menu for the week last night, so we will be saving the food items that I bought today for the next week more than likely. I may get a few things at Kroger this week - not sure. Also, we are well stocked on most of the toiletries we use for quite some time. I have a feeling I will be very happy about that after Katie is born!
On a different note, I just wanted to comment on the fact that my brother had wrist fusion surgery this past Friday and all went as planned. He did really well, and now it is just a matter of his wrist healing. He does have a blue cast that goes from his hand all the way up to his shoulder, so hopefully time will pass quickly for him and he will get that cast off before we know it! Thanks to those of you that kept the family in your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. I went to Publix today too. Half my penny item is gone (I love tortilla chips!). When I was suppose to get cookies last week, I got Publix cola. So much for cookies. I am glad Will's surgery went well. O, I was going to ask you. Do you find a way to save on Sadie's food?