Friday, March 27, 2009

Safety First!

I just uploaded a bunch of pictures, so I am likely going to do several posts today - so you are in for a treat!!

A couple weekends ago, we went to Babies R Us and bought our carseat because I wanted to have that in my car just in case! I know that is the one thing you have to have in order to take your baby home from the hospital, so it is very important! Brad read through the instruction booklet and learned all about it. Because he was on the floor, Sadie was able to help him out too :) Once we took all the tags off and learned about it, we then put it in my car. Here are some pictures of the process....

"Dad, I think I am too big for this seat!!"
The carseat before we installed it

The finished I just need to work on the nursery and pack the hospital bag!

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