Thursday, March 12, 2009

Work Baby Shower

I am going to wait to write about my baby shower this past weekend until I have some pictures to post :) That will come soon!! Instead, I will go on and write about my work baby shower. It was wonderful - a great time to visit with everyone outside of the typical "work environment". It also let my mom and mom-in-law meet a lot of the ladies I work with. The food was great - everyone pitched in and brought a dish. And the decorations were so cute too!! Here are some pictures...

Meghan and me - hooray for fellow sibs! I had food in my mouth, so my smile looks a bit odd!
Here is the food table with some of the decorations - they did a clothesline with onesies on it!
Here is me with my gifts after I opened them - baby gear is just so little and cute! Thanks to everyone for everything you did.
Here is me with my mom and Brad's mom (in that order)...doesn't my belly look enormous there?! I am about 32.5 weeks here. And clearly my hormones are nuts - I was comfortable in sleeveless when it was like 40 degrees outside!

People have also been asking about the nursery and for pictures of it. It is hard to get a good idea about what it will look like, especially since we don't have anything hanging on the walls yet. I did go on and take one last night - it is obvious that I have some organization to do in that room from the showers I have had so far, but I wanted to capture the feel of the room right now - full of baby items!! The picture is taken from the doorway towards that back corner of the room. We still have to hang up the letters over the crib and the quilt over the dresser, as well as the valance on the window. Hopefully we will get that done this weekend and I will get a true feel for the room! I will definitely take some more pictures as it comes together more completely. Here it is for now though....


  1. looks like Christmas in Katie's room! I told you that you wouldn't have to buy anything!!!...and PS- I will be around Friday but I have to work Saturday. Just call before you stop in to make sure I am home!

  2. Look at all that cute baby stuff! Baby Katie is well stocked! :)

  3. I LOVE the nursery! You are racking up!!! What great baby goodies you have!!!