Monday, March 9, 2009

32 Weeks & Today's Shopping Ventures

Today marks 32 weeks and I had a doctor's appointment. All looks to be going just like it should according to what my doctor said. I don't really have anything left to do for her - we have a pediatrician picked out and have gone to Breastfeeding Class & Childbirth Education Class. When we were at today's appointment, Brad asked if she could tell what position the baby is in and she felt around and said it felt like the baby had moved into "head down" position. Making progress!! I have noticed my ankles have started swelling a bit - she said to just prop my feet up as much as possible. I also scheduled future appointments through the end of April...exciting and overwhelming!! Hard to think that I could have a baby around the time of one of those later scheduled appointments!!

I took today off work as a sick day since I had an appointment, and it was such a great day. It was sunny and 75 degrees - wonderful weather! I hung out at my mom's for a bit and then we went and had a picnic at the park and walked on the walking path. I finally got some sun since it was so nice today! Yay! My mom informed me that it looked like my belly is sitting lower...eek! I hope Katie realizes she needs to keep baking in there! From there, I went to do my Walgreens shopping and then had a prenatal massage. After that, I went to Publix to do this week's shopping there. (see below for the grand totals and pictures)

I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Kara, Cat, Ashley, and Katherine - my baby shower this past weekend was perfect. Wonderful food, beautiful setting, fun games, and great company. We are so blessed to have so many people that care about us and Baby Katie - we really stocked up! Once I get some of the pictures from Kara I will do a post about that shower.

Here are a few pictures - the first of me and Brad Saturday night. We don't have a whole lot of pictures of the two of us while I have been pregnant. I definitely look the part here!!

This is a picture of me from this evening (sorry I look rough - I had been outside & had a massage!), here I am at 32 weeks!

This is a picture of my purchase from Publix this evening. I finally accomplished my goal - saving more than I spend!! Here are the grand totals from Publix:

Spent: $45.44
Saved: $55.72

And here is a picture of my great accomplishment at Walgreens. They have a great Huggies deal this week - and I had THREE $5 off one pack coupons - YAY! They actually had to do two separate transactions so that I could use all of my coupons and register rewards and save like I had planned! Here are my grand totals from Walgreens:

Spent: $19.24
Saved: $41.97
*$10 in RR for next shopping trip

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