Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Celebration Time: Nanny & Papa Edition

This post has been a long time coming. How odd that I decided to do posts from Katie's birthday NOT in chronological order. Oh well, at least I am getting to them right??? Anyway, my Dad and Robbin were in town the weekend before Katie's birthday shindig and we decided to celebrate early. Katie is the only child I know that has a birthday dinner at Sperry's (so delicious)...in her own room (only because there were Prom groups there and the hostesses were nice and let us have our own space). Katie indulged on some cottage cheese, egg, twice baked potato, and even a few bites of bacon-wrapped filet! She topped off the evening with a delicious, enormous Gigi's cupcake (and of course, loved every minute of it)! What a fun celebration! Here are some pictures from the evening...

Katie before heading to dinner - so cute and matchy matchy!

Time to dig in!

Major concentration required...

Don't worry, I did scoop off some of the blob of icing so she wouldn't eat it all! It allowed us to have a bite too! *wink*

Quite pleased with herself!

Pinching Nanny's nose (and trying to rub icing on it too)

Opening her presents - she LOVES that polar bear...she always pulls it out and lays on it to cuddle...adorable!

Papa giving her the new cell phone - she would NOT let anyone have it the rest of the night!

Great picture with Nanny & Papa

And, of course, one final shot of the birthday girl

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