Friday, June 11, 2010

I Won! I Actually Won!

Well, I quickly wanted to point out that I do love free stuff, especially when it is cute. I have never really won any contests that I can remember, but I've decided that whenever I have the opportunity, I should at least try. I mean, the worst thing that could happen is I enter and don't a loss of maybe 5 seconds. Well over the last couple of months, I have gotten really lucky! I have won three different, cute items - and I wanted to show pictures since I am so proud.

First, I entered a giveaway from Tootlebugs for a Big/Little Brother/Sister shirt - and I WON!! How cute are these?! Amy, the owner, is letting me wait to order until we decide to add to our fun family. I am sure Katie will look cute in a Big Sister shirt one of these days :)

A few other items I have won include a cute frame from Delta Girl Frames, as well as a fun wine glass from Polka Dotz! And the fun part for these two items was that I got to choose the colors and design - how perfect! I can't wait to find the perfect picture to put in this frame (which does have dots, as you can see). And I have yet to use the wine glass, but I will! And no one else will mess with it because it is clearly mine :)

So how did I win these cute things? Well, I am a fan of each of these places on Facebook - and each of these places often hosts giveaways on their Facebook page. For each of them, I either answered a question correctly, or even just posted a comment as my "entry" .... and I won!! So, needless to say, I am much more enthusiastic about trying to win things these days. I wonder how much longer my luck will continue??

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  1. Yay, Ash !!! Send some of that luck this way!!! LOVE!!